Don’t be talking about MY KIDS!!!

We all love our kids, all their little quirks, giggles, and their BIG personalities!  But, what about other people and OUR kids???  They aren’t required to love them, spend time with them (besides family that are FORCED!! BWHAHAHAHA!!!!)  We usually don’t know how others feel about our precious little ones unless they say something directly to you about … More Don’t be talking about MY KIDS!!!

More Energy!!!!

I’m writing this blog and it’s after 10pm!!!!!   :O  I haven’t seen this hour is a LONG time!  My days are usually… Wake up with kids at 7/8, have breakfast with kids, homeschool kids, eat lunch with kids, NAP… play, make dinner, and then BED!!!!  For ALL of us!!!  I HAD to nap or … More More Energy!!!!