My Beautiful life, with a hint of Sarcasm.

Who doesn’t love a bit of sarcasm??  It’s fun, a bit evil, and helps get me through my day!  It’s too bad children don’t understand sarcasm.  My children would use it and have a blast just being little sarcastic devils all day… lol.  I guess they will learn by my example.


But Seriously… I try very hard NOT to use sarcasm around my children.  I am very intentional with my words with my 2 little ones because they will learn by watching me, whether we build others up, or tear them down with their words.

Another person I have to be careful about with my sarcasm is my husband.  He definitely understands, and I have a bad habit of lining my conversations with hints of sarcasm that can sometimes tear him down.  I have learned through the years that he is more sensitive than he shows, and my words can hurt him deeply.

So, here is where I can dump all my sarcastic comments and thoughts, just leave them on this blog where my fellow sarcastic peeps can enjoy and empathize. Do any of you struggle with sarcasm?


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