More Energy!!!!

I’m writing this blog and it’s after 10pm!!!!!   :O  I haven’t seen this hour is a LONG time!  My days are usually… Wake up with kids at 7/8, have breakfast with kids, homeschool kids, eat lunch with kids, NAP… play, make dinner, and then BED!!!!  For ALL of us!!!  I HAD to nap or I just couldn’t function the rest of the day, and even then, I would get the kids in bed around 7:30, and then I WOULD GO TO BED!!!  I’m not THAT old!!  I should be able to stay awake and spend time cleaning or watching movies with the hubster.

Well… times are changing!!!!

Today, I did NOT NAP!!  And, we had a super busy day, and I’m still alive to talk about it!!  I honestly can’t believe the energy I actually have… It’s CRAZY.  I’m super excited and I hope I can keep the momentum and willpower from falling back into my old eating habits.


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