Don’t be talking about MY KIDS!!!

We all love our kids, all their little quirks, giggles, and their BIG personalities!  But, what about other people and OUR kids???  They aren’t required to love them, spend time with them (besides family that are FORCED!! BWHAHAHAHA!!!!)  We usually don’t know how others feel about our precious little ones unless they say something directly to you about their wonderful behavior!!  Right???


So, last week I was quite shocked when I heard that a certain someone didn’t want their  PERFECT child around mine… because my children were “CRAZY”…..EXCUSE ME????? (Angry mom face!)    Immediately, I took the defensive!  I was so upset and angry that this person was judging MY CHILDREN (and ME)!!!  These kiddos are so young and yes, SUPER ACTIVE… But, does that make them WILD and CRAZY?!?!?!  I for one don’t think so.  My husband and I have done so much to help their little minds take everything in and process it.  But it doesn’t mean that the word -crazy- should be associated with them.  They are lovable, talkative, giving, spirited, and so much more!  These are my Babies, and I will stand behind them till the end, supporting them, loving them, and training them.  I’m pretty sure both struggle with hyperactivity and short attentions, but just give them a chance!  My oldest is so thoughtful, spreads kindness wherever she goes!  My youngest, my little man is just a little snuggle bunny (if you can get him to sit for a minute).  He loves life, toys, nature… pretty much anything he can get his hands onto!


So, if you don’t want to be around my children- fine!  I don’t want your judgment around them either!  I hope and pray that next time- you keep your feelings to yourself, instead of spreading hurt.  And, like my daughter says, ” We need to spread Kindness and the Love of God!”


If you are interested, some of the things we have done to help our very active children are..

  1. Going Dye Free… specifically, The Feingold Diet.
  2. Gummy Vites Omega 3
  3. VERY LIMITED Screen Time.  They are permitted 30 mins to complete their supplemental reading program online.  But, we have done away with TV and tablets.  It’s not for every kiddo, but seems to help with their activity level.

A special thank you to all of you who really do LOVE my children, their quirks, giggles, and their big personalities! 🙂

For those who want an update on my weight loss journey:

I’m on day 18 on my nutrition program, and it sounds so cliche, but, I LOVE IT!!!  Everyone needs to find what works for them, and I am SOOOOO glad I finally found something that I enjoy using, and helps me feel better!  I definitely had my doubts when I would see other people post about having energy, and losing weight with this program… but it just took me hitting rock bottom to look for something that would help me change.


Down- 13 pounds

Lost- 17 3/4 inches!!!!

I went yesterday to the store and fit into a size 14!  I haven’t worn that size in 2 years!!!  :O  My size 18 literally FALL OFF me!!!!!  😀


If you want to read more info, feel free to check out my site:

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